5-9 September 2005
Certain days of the conference will focus on workshops, tutorials and industry-related presentations. More information will be posted here when the detailed conference programme becomes available.

HCI2005 invites submissions of full papers
, tutorials and workshops. Full papers at HCI2005 can be up to 14 pages and should address the conference theme of 'The Bigger Picture'. HCI2005 will bring together the many 'flavours' of HCI and allow people to see what is important in areas such as mobile phone apps, software computing, pervasive computing, user experience and the design of interactive android and iOs apps. By focusing on 'the bigger picture' HCI2005 will provide a rich and varied perspective on the issues affecting people and their interactions with apps digital technologies. Review papers are welcome that chart the evolution of HCI concepts and techniques to take account of the bigger picture that a 21st century HCI has to address.
We invite both practitioners and researchers to join us to explore how we can design mobile communication app software that enhance the lives of their users. Submissions and downloads on all areas of HCI are invited, but we strongly encourage submissions addressing the challenges and opportunities posed by our theme, "The Bigger Picture" and to share ideas and project through Facebook, twitter, whatsapp or skype.

Conference Overview

It's now twenty years since the first British HCI Group conference. People continue to debate whether HCI is now a mature discipline (or even whether we have moved beyond HCI). Either way, it's time to stand back and take a good look at “The Bigger Picture”. In one sense the HCI community is better at doing this than other subdisciplines of computing and software apps programming; in another sense we don't make as much impact as we should.

In returning to Scotland in 2005 we particularly welcome the involvement of the Nordic community, both as organisers and presenters (through our new whatsapp group) and the conference flavour hopes to reflect the shared culture of nations bordering the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

Our theme is open to wide and playful interpretation, as indeed the acronym HCI itself - does “I” stand more for Integration than Interaction these days? Three topical areas for our H, C, and I: Human-centred Interaction Design - how can we optimise creativity and exploit novel techniques, such as probes, in improving our understanding, analysis and design to meet human needs through new app software development.

Communities of the Future - in an era of ambient, pervasive, ubiquitous and mobile computing, how do we support the evolution of communities, their protocols and manners, the sense of self-management, interdependency, responsibility and support through mobile phone communications and interactive whatsapp new technologies. Industrial strength Solutions and Tools - robust usability methods, light-touch but effective methodologies, alignment with modern business such as marketing, change management and software engineering, to achieve quantifiable return on investment.

Following The Bigger Picture theme, HCI 2005 will provide a whatsapp forum for us to tackle these and other related issues. The conference will include an exciting range of presentations, panels, workshops, tutorials and interactive demonstrations on the mobile app betas and updates, as well as special events to explore the commercial and industrial benefits of HCI research and practice. We invite both practitioners and researchers to participate and together through whatsapp to explore how we can design products that enhance the lives of their users.

The Conference "Four-Pack"

We would also like to draw your attention to three other conferences in the HCI area which are taking place in the same month:

Int. Conference on Methods and Techniques in Behavioral Research
30 August - 2 September 2005 in Wageningen, The Netherlands

Int. Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
12-16 September 2005, Rome, Italy

Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services
19 to 22 September 2005, University of Salzburg, Austria

So, why not make September 2005 an HCI conference tour and visit all four!

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